TOWARDS THE SPECIES Rhythm and movement school of Claudia Castellucci

Artistic direction and dancing master : Claudia Castellucci

With a music composition by Stefano Bartolini

From 11th to 15th of October 2016

10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (including breaks)

Beirut – The exact location will be informed soon

“The hegemony of the dance we propose is the music not the body. It is not about the body expression, it is about uninterrupted physical presence, prepared and determined to address the time that is manifest in the music. The past must be dealt with when it has already converged into the present, and even the pause is a responsible moment of presence. The principal movement is a choral ambulation built on some of the canons inspired by the metrics of archaic Greek poetry and the essential movement of horses. Dance is a revelation of the individual presence, which emerges from – and thanks to – choral movement.”

Principal topics that will be studied and practised in the seminar are:

⋅ circular rhythmic dance, on the basis of metronomy

⋅ the cadence, taken from the metrics of archaic Greek poetry, as a rhythmic invention for current dance

⋅ “passing through” in dance, that treats the interval and the musical rest in a specific way, corresponding to the passage between the position that has just been left behind and the one to be taken up

⋅ the psychology of duration, that is, how to make the action to be undertaken happen without any mediation, preparation or improvisation.

The languages spoken by Claudia Castellucci are Italian and French; She will be assisted by a interpreter who will translate to Arabic or/and English.

T o w a r d s  t h e  s p e c i e s  is a dance that has been formed during the long-standing course held in Cesena, in the premises of theatre company Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio which has now become “Socìetas”. The dance is being exported to other cities, starting with Venice, then Beirut, Moscow, Athens, Tehran and Istanbul.

Rhythm, for Claudia Castellucci, has been the cornerstone of every school she has created and has always distinguished her work as an artist who invests rhythmic models that can be referred to both physical movement and theoretical reflection.

LEVEL AND PROFILE: An advanced level in physical and bodily practice, and a rythmic ability are required.

PRICE: 345’000 LBP