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Seminar with Dj and electronic musician Ziad Moukarzel on synthesis

In its series of workshops & seminars, Dawawine proposes a seminar with Dj and electronic musician Ziad Moukarzel on synthesis. What is a synth? How does it work? How can it be so simple and yet so complex? All these … Continue reading

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Hassan Khan | Twelve Clues book launch

On Friday, November 11 at 7 p.m. we celebrate the launch of Hassan Khan’s recent novella Twelve Clues with a reading by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie followed by a Q&A with the author and the designer, and a surprise music listening.  Hassan Khan | Twelve Clues    published … Continue reading

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Shifting Polarities: the VHS Tape in Film (Autumn 2016)

Shifting Polarities: the VHS Tape in Film is a series of screenings & discussions on the presence of the Video Tape in narrative cinema, presented by Vartan Avakian in collaboration with Dawawine. The series runs parallel to Avakian’s seminar on … Continue reading

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The sense of a scholastic practice based on rhythmic movement. Seminar with Claudia Castellucci

(lire le texte en français plus bas) The seminar will take place in Dawawine’s library, on October 11th, 7 p.m. Language : Claudia will speak in Italian; she also understands and can respond in French. An interpreter will be there to translate … Continue reading

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French artist Benjamin Seror reads his novel, Mime Radio.

Join on the 15th of September, 7 p.m. French artist Benjamin Seror will read chapters from his novel, Mime Radio.  The reading will be in English Mime Radio was performed and written orally at a series of events over a … Continue reading

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Reading around Carine Doumit’s THE SPARED ONES – LES ÉPARGNÉS with texts selected by Carine Doumit, Sara Sehnaoui and Nour Ouayda In extension to the book’s form, this reading takes THE SPARED ONES, a book published by Carine Doumit in … Continue reading

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بّرة في الشارع”: “إعادة” التمثيل لغير أهله وانتزاع “الِفلم” من قيوده”

“بّرة في الشارع”: “إعادة” التمثيل لغير أهله وانتزاع “الِفلم” من قيوده بقلم: محمد عبداالله منذ عقود، هجر المخرج البريطاني بيتر واتكنز ما أطلق عليه لاحقًا تسميه “أزمة الإعلام،” ومعه تخلّى عن ذلك المسعى الإعلامي (النبيل)، والذي يحدوه لتوثيق موضوعي أو لسرد … Continue reading

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ENVERS L’ESPÈCE L’école du rythme et du mouvement de Claudia Castellucci à Beyrouth

  Direction artistique et enseignement menés par Claudia Castellucci Avec une composition musicale de Stefano Bartolini Du 11 octobre au 15 octobre 2016 // 10h à 15h (pauses inclues) // Beyrouth – le lieu exact sera précisé bientôt – “L’hégémonie dans la … Continue reading

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SYNAPSES 0 program from 17.07 to 31.07

SYNAPSES 0  is the first edition of a program made with the willingness and obstinacy to occupy Dawawine’s rooms and minds. During two weeks we will be putting the 2nd floor to good use after long periods of useless and useful considerations. … Continue reading

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الوسيط السمعي ـبصري كعامل سرديّ

بالعودة الى أولى سنوات السينما، نرى أن تأريخ هذه الفترة انشغل بمعظمه في البحث عن محطّات تطوير “اللغة السينمائية”. وبغضّ النظر عن إشكاليات التأريخ وما يسمّى “تطوّر” أو “لغة سينمائية”، نلاحظ أنّ معظم المؤرّخين طرحوا معياراً واضحاً في تأريخهم: إكتشاف … Continue reading

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