Zapruder filmmakersgroup “Chamber Cinema” 4 videos

Dawawine is glad to present the work of Zapruder filmmakers group (Roncofreddo, Italy).

On Friday 15th
& Saturday 23rd

At 8 p.m.

2011, 3 min, 3D anagliphic film

**I TOPI LASCIANO LA NAVE (Yes Sir, I can Boogie) 
2012, 30 min.

On a ship at sea: a tempestous noise,
of thunder and lightning heard.
(Shakespeare ‘The tempest’ act 1, scene 1)
Dance competition knockout. Dance floor concert. For loud listeners!


// 10 minutes break //

At 9 p.m.

2010, 22 min, Italian with English subtitles

Inspired by Mauss anthropological essay “The Gift”, Joule is articulated by sums of tableaux, which reconnect the movie to an economic analysis. Joule (J) is the unit of energy value, of work value, it measures what all living organisms do to produce heat. This film depicts the act of living as an infinite self-combustion, in pure loss, proving to be a paradox of profit theories.

2007, 50 min. 3D anagliphic film

Notes for and imaginary biography of Georges Bataille.




ZAPRUDER filmmakersgroup, formed in 2000, is made up by David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi, and Monaldo Moretti, with the sound collaboration of Francesco ‘Fuzz’ Brasini.
Their lively productions relie on an artisanal practice and inquisitive spirit, as in their stereoscopic series inaugurated in 2006 and awarded at the Venice Film Festival in 2011. The group film-projects are often flexible cinematic devices, which they define as “Chamber Cinema”: an incarnated environment and disembodied theatre, poised between visual and performing arts.

The group is named after the ‘sharpshooter’ from Dallas who caught J.F.K.’s assassination on camera, ‘creating an outstanding example of amateur film, a fetish document, a violation that goes far beyond the private sphere to become a dream, an obsession, part of our collective heritage’.

The works of ZAPRUDER filmmakersgroup have been presented and awarded at MAXXI museum in 2016, and in festivals such as: Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage, the Geneva Biennale de l’image en mouvement, Centre Pompidou Paris, Steirischer Herbst Graz, Transmediale Berlin, Netmage Bologna, Milanesiana, Milano Film Festival, Santarcangelo Festival, Contemporanea Festival Prato, Kunsten Festival des Arts Bruxelles, Uovo Festival Milano, Festival d’Avignon, Art Fall Ferrara.

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