By the way, I love you. Lecture & Open Talk. Sat. 6th May


Lecture & Open Talk by Martin Fasting (DK), Jeroen Kooijmans (NL), Josh Müller (D/AT) and Henk Wildshut (NL)

Saturday 6th of May from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

This is an initiative of a group of European artists to investigate the possibilities to make a relevant project about art and love in Beirut. Our reason to choose Beirut as a fix point for this project has partly to do with it’s reputation of being a rather open and international minded city. Further on Lebanon in terms of culture, diversity, history and politics is in a sense also a micro cosmos of the region at the same time as it is very much its own of course. Last but not less important we would like to do a research on universal love in order to find optimism in a world that increasingly seems to be ruled by fear these years.

In these strange times where more walls and more exclusion seems to be the answer to our collective difficult global situation we find it not only interesting but also utterly important to connect and collaborate across whatever meaningless borders strange people in power and suits out of fear and political agendas tend to draw on their maps.

So what we among other things hope to find would be the possibility for discussion as well as the possibility to connect with others on this universal theme and project on love.

The working title for the project is: By the way, I love you.

‘Love’ might sound something saccharine, but we are very serious about it.

We as artists will each see different possibilities from our own fields of practice to produce work on the theme of love and the many possibility’s this subject provides. We want to keep the topic and form quite open in the first phase and research. However, in the end the goal is to make a positive inspiring contribution. A positive spark as small as it might be may lead to optimism and new energies witch again could lead to changes.

We will tell about the “By the way” foundation and previous projects that have been done in this context. We will also introduce our selves through four short introductory lectures (each 20 min).

Together, we will report on this first phase studies. We would like to have a discussion about the content of the project and the feasibility of the targets. By this also to connect with other kindred spirits to give this project more body and maybe to enter into collaborations.

Our group now consists of four artists from Europe, Martin Fasting (Painting) from Copenhagen, Josh Muller (film and installation) from Vienna, Henk Wildschut (documentary Photography) and Jeroen Kooijmans (film and architecture) from Amsterdam.

This is an initiative of The Bytheway Foundation, a non-profit organization which aims to organize various international art productions on different locations.

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