Hassan Khan | Twelve Clues book launch

On Friday, November 11 at 7 p.m. we celebrate the launch of Hassan Khan’s recent novella Twelve Clues with a reading by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie followed by a Q&A with the author and the designer, and a surprise music listening. 

Hassan Khan | Twelve Clues   

published by Sommerakademie im Zentrum Paul Klee and Mousse Publishing, 2016

This event is organised in collaboration with Beirut Art Center,

and with the support of  25c6be83-225f-4509-9dee-4f5833e047db


Things are not always what they seem in this fast paced, freaked out little tale that begins with a disappearance and ends with a joke. The action zips from a secret lab with decommissioned robots and silverback gorillas with their memories wiped out to the refined boardrooms of CORPORATIONINCORPORATED; from the drug ranches of the Beqaa’ Valley to the wrong side of Budapest; and from a faded Zamalek apartment to a sweaty underground music club in Austin. Twelve Clues takes place in a world very much like ours… but is it?

With artworks by Antonina Baever, Bonnie Begusch, Sacha Beraud, Veronica Gerber Bicceci, Clare Butcher, Hannah Fitz, Ericka Florez Hidalgo, Shahab Fotouhi, Patricia Boyd, Tomas Maglione, Cerrajero Rodriguez, Martine Syms.

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