“Zoukak Sidewalks 2016 – The Festival” November 8th-15th

Zoukak Theatre Company presents  “Zoukak Sidewalks 2016 – The Festival” November 8th-15th 

and Dawawine is honored to be part of the festival !


Join us at Dawawine for the opening reception on the 8th.

We are glad to host:

Mark Mitchell’s exhibition and artist talk on that same opening evening (8th).

And Thomas Ostermeir’s masterclass on the 13th of November, from twelve to 1:30 p.m.


ABOUT THE FESTIVAL “Zoukak Sidewalks 2016 – The Festival” is an artistic encounter gathering artists from different practices and cultural backgrounds. The festival will take place in Beirut between 8 and 15 November 2016, with artists from different countries sharing their work in the fields of theater, dance and music. The festival seeks to reflect on art as an act, and on its relation to its social and political contexts, and aims to question the boundaries that have long framed artists within national and/or cultural identities, pushing towards a re-definition of contemporary society based on diversity.

“Zoukak Sidewalks 2016 – The Festival” also includes “Focus Liban” a platform focusing on the local art scene, with participating artists from different nationalities and backgrounds residing in Lebanon. “Focus Liban” offers this year a support grant enabling 10 artists in the theatre, dance, and music fields to perform in the presence of international festival and venue directors and producers.

Activities include exhibitions, master classes, public discussions, theatre performances, as well as workshops with participating artists from different countries, such as German theatre director Thomas Ostermeier, French theatre Company Duzieu and Third Angel from the UK.

“أرصفة زقاق ٢٠١٦ – المهرجان” هو ملتقى فنّي يجمع فنّانين وفنّانات من لبنان والعالم يشاركون الجمهور المحلّي أعمالهم. يضمّ المهرجان عروضاً في الرقص والمسرح والموسيقى، إضافة إلى نقاشات ومحاضرات مختصّة وورشات عمل ومعرض فنّي ويقام في بيروت بين ٨ و ١٥ تشرين الثاني ٢٠١٦.

يتضمّن المهرجان منصّة “فوكس لبنان” من ١١ حتى ١٣ تشرين الثاني والتي تركّز على المشهد الفنّي المحلّي. توفّر المنصّة هذا العام منح دعم لتمكين عشرة فنانين مقيمين في لبنان من خلفيّات ثقافيّة متعدّدة ويعملون في مجالات المسرح والرقص والموسيقى، من تقديم أعمالهم بحضور مدراء مهرجانات ومسارح ومنتجين من دول متعدّدة.

يسعى المهرجان إلى إلقاء الضوء على الفعل الفنّي بعلاقته مع السّياق الاجتماعي والسياسي، كما يهدف إلى كسر الحواجز الثقافية في مسعى لإعادة تعريف المجتمع المعاصر على قاعدة التنوّع.

للمزيد من المعلومات والحجوزات: www.ihjoz.com/zoukak

For more info:https://www.lebtivity.com/event/zoukak-sidewalks-2016-the-festival

For more info and booking:ihjoz.com/zoukak

Zoukak Sidewalks 2016 – The Festival at Dawawine

On the 8th of November, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Opening-reception, with the exhibition “Burial” and an artist talk with Mark Mitchell about his rich artistic journey.  The exhibition will remain till the 13th of November 

The 2013 performance and exhibition “BURIAL” at the Frye Art Museum in part explored our relationship with the dead, how we view the bodies of our loved ones, and how we might honor them in a way both iconic and personal. The nine burial ensembles were designed and made for each of the nine model/muses who inspired them in the performance/viewing. Mark Mitchell also explored through the many hours of handwork that went into making them a personal meditation and letting go of 20 plus years of mourning over loved ones lost, Mark was unable to memorialize at the time of their deaths. The work plays with thoughts of eternity and ephemerality, the stylized and iconic all white ensembles rendering the models into marble while every material used was chosen for its ability to be reabsorbed back into the earth as quickly as is natural, like the unpreserved human body. These pieces are not complete until they have been reabsorbed into the earth. 

Mitchell works in hand-sewn textiles to examine issues of ceremony, tribute, and mourning, often using the tropes of funeral traditions. In his recent body of work, Burial, Mitchell explored these ideas through a series of intricate burial ensembles. His current project, Burial 2, tackles issues of mass incarceration, prison reform, and the racial disparity of the prison system – imbuing mourning with an activist intention. 

Mark MITCHELL is an artist who speaks to social issues through textiles. His contributions to the cultural community bridge a number of disciplines, including art, music, theatre, fashion, activism, and education. He is the subject of the award-winning documentary film Mark Mitchell. His large work, the performance and exhibition Burial, at the Frye Art Museum in 2013 was a critical and popular success. “His Bow Dress” in 2010 with Anna Telcs and “Implied Violence” is in the permanent collection at the Frye Art Museum. 

Mark was recently artist-in-residence at The New Foundation Seattle where he continued to develop his new group of sculptures, “Burial 2”, concerning racism and mass incarceration. He attended the CEL Residency at PICA last April, and was in residence at the City of Seattle’s Municipal Gallery May 14 through July 16, 2016. He was a finalist for the 2015 Neddy Award at Cornish, a finalist for the 2016 Artist Trust Innovator Award, and received the 2016 Kayla Skinner special Recognition Award from The Seattle Art Museum. 


On the 13th of November, from 12 to 1:30 p.m.

Masterclass with Thomas Ostermeier

Thomas Ostermeier considers theatre as an art specialized in conflict, ruled by complexity, and should not be based on good intentions. In this talk, Ostermeier will share his vision about the role of theatre in the contemporary political, economical and social systems. Within the global complex political situation and multiple crises, and the challenges facing the cultural sector in general, where does theatre stand as an art form today? What position can it take? What relationship can it build with the audience/society?

After studying direction in Berlin in the 1980s, Thomas OSTERMEIER’s name first appeared on the map when he was appointed artistic director of the Barracke at the Deutsches Theater, where he worked from 1996 to 1999. There, he directed plays by modern German and English-speaking playwrights, to great acclaim. In September 1999, aged 31, he became co-artistic director of the Schaubühne, where he continued his work as a discoverer of new texts. Classic or modern, those texts are always reinterpreted and integrated to the reality of post-reunification Germany and of an officially-united Europe. Yet those plays, like the German and European states, remain splintered, echoing the reality of a world in which conflicts are multiplying and barbarism hasn’t disappeared. Thomas Ostermeier’s engaged, living, critical, and generous theatre is just as concerned with the role of the individual within society as with great timeless questions.

يعتبر توماس أوسترماير المسرح فنّاً مختصّاً بالصّراع ويحكمه التّعقيد ولا يجب أن يستند الى النوايا الحسنة واللّطيفة. يتطرّق توماس أوسترماير في هذا اللّقاء إلى رؤيته للمسرح ودوره ضمن النّظام السّياسيّوالإقتصاديّ والإجتماعيّ المعاصر، ضمن تعقيد الواقع السياسيّ العالميّ وتعدّد الأزمات وفي ظلّ التحدّيات التي يواجهها الواقع الثّقافي بشكل عام، أين يقف المسرح كفنّ اليوم؟ أيّ موقف على المسرح أن يتّخذ؟ أيعلاقة مع الجمهور/المجتمع يمكن أن يبني؟

توماس أوسترماير بعد دراسته الإخراج المسرحي في برلين في ثمانينات القرن الماضي، ظهر إسم توماس أوسترماير حين عُيّن مديراً فنّياً لـ “البرّاك” في مسرح الدوتش، حيث عمل منذ عام 1996 و1999 .أخرج هناك عدّة نصوص حديثة لكتّاب ألمان وإنكليز. أصبح في أيلول 1999، وبعمر31، المدير الفنّي الثّاني لمسرحالشاوبونه في ألمانيا، حيث أكمل عمله كمسكتشف لنصوص جديدة. عمل أوسترماير دائماً على إعادة تأويل وتكييف تلك النصوص مع واقع ألمانيا ما بعد الوحدة والتحاقها بالإتحاد الأوروبي، مع ذلك بقيت تلك النصوص كالكيانات الألمانيّة الأوروبية منقسمة، عاكسة واقع العالم، حيث تتضاعف الصراعات والنّزاعات. يبقى مسرح توماس أوسترماير ملتزماً وحيّاً ونقديّاً ومعنيّاً بدور الفرد في المجتمع وبالأسئلة الكبرى

للمزيد من المعلومات والحجوزات: www.ihjoz.com/zoukak

For more info: https://www.lebtivity.com/event/zoukak-sidewalks-2016-the-festival

For more info and booking: ihjoz.com/zoukak

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