Reading around Carine Doumit’s THE SPARED ONES – LES ÉPARGNÉS

with texts selected by Carine Doumit, Sara Sehnaoui and Nour Ouayda

In extension to the book’s form, this reading takes THE SPARED ONES, a book published by Carine Doumit in November 2015 with Ashkal Alwan, as a starting point for a reading of fragments, taken from the book itself or from other textual and audio sources that the three readers feel can echo, or possibly enter in a dialog with Carine Doumit’s text.

This reading is part of the CINEMATIC DRIFTS series presented by Nour Ouayda in the end of july at Dawawine.

THE SPARED ONES is a book that started out as a project for a film, explored with voice recordings and eventually became a book that revealsitself as a constellation of texts written by the author, citations and illustrations.

Our attempt to make it drift into and onto an oral form will start at 7 p.m.
The selected texts will be mostly in french, with some texts in english and arabic.

You can read more about Cinematic Drift here

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