SYNAPSES 0 program from 17.07 to 31.07


SYNAPSES 0  is the first edition of a program made with the willingness and obstinacy to occupy Dawawine’s rooms and minds. During two weeks we will be putting the 2nd floor to good use after long periods of useless and useful considerations.
With the conscious yet disorderly participation of: Semaan Khawam, Chantal Partamian, Raed Rafei, Rania Rafei, Maya Chami, Lynn Kodeih, Julien Boutros, Sharif Sehnaoui, Nour Ouayda, Rami Sabbagh, Khodor Ellaik, Sara Sehnaoui, Farah Nehme, Dia Batal, Oscar de Xyzpert, Rayya Badran, Philip Rizk, Jasmina Metwaly.
As well as the involuntary participation of filmmakers and writers whose works we are borrowing to better understand ourselves. You’ll find them in the program. 
This project is made possible with the direct and indirect involvement of Dawawine’s support group.
Read below the program of Synapses 0 (listed in chronological order). The program includes works in Arabic, French and English.
Participation fees: free entrance. Warning: seats may be limited, come early. 
Selected playlists of different music genres will be playing throughout the program: by Rayya Badran starting from July 19th, by Oscar de Gisput starting from July 22nd,  and Sharif Sehnaoui starting from July 30th.


AU QUOTIDEN, de Maya Chami et Farah Nehme (2016, Liban, 4 min. French and Arabic)

“La pièce aborde les sujets d’oppression et d’agression que les femmes subissent chaque jour, au niveau de l’expression, la vie, la féminité, la progéniture, le mouvement, et la sexualité. Le projet est un acte de résistance pour récupèrer l’intégralité de l’être féminin.”

WHAT MYRIAM DID NOT FORGET, de Dia Batal et Maya Chami (2015, Lebanon/Palestine, 12 min. Arabic. Eng. subtitles)

Part of her ‘Tracing Landscape’ project, this is a short animated film in which the story of Batal’s grandmother is unfolded through the fragmented narratives of a journey of displacement. The artists use drawings and text to trace over elements of Myriam’s story, and her enumerating of what she had left behind, and witnessed after she was forced to leave her home in Palestine, and never able to return.

FARAH NEHME est metteur en scène et comédienne. Au quotidien est son premier projet d’art graphique.

MAYA CHAMI pratique les arts graphiques et numériques,

DIA BATAL is a visual artist. The multidisciplinary work she produces is context specific and often enables audience to engage with it. Dia uses Arabic language in a free style calligraphy to create artworks that echo cultural and contemporary concerns into our urban public, and private spaces.

Sun. 17th, Tue.19th, Thu. 21st, Fri. 29th, Sat. 30th 5 to 8 p.m.

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SEMAAN KHAWAM is a writer, poet and painter. His paintings are exhibited in many cities across different countries. He published a book with Amers Editions in 2010 and collaborates occasionally with Dawawine.

Sun. 17th 4 p.m. (until July 31st.)

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CINEMATIC DRIFTS // DÉRIVES CINÉMATOGRAPHIQUES, avec Nour Ouayda (le texte intégral ici)

“Une programmation de films et de discussions qui gravitent autour de la dérive au cinéma. Il s’agit de regarder le cinéma à travers le prisme de la dérive pour concevoir une théorie et une pratique de la dérive cinématographique. Cette recherche envisage la dérive comme une posture qui, pour rependre Debord, consiste à « se laisser aller aux sollicitations du terrain et des rencontres qui y correspondent ».

Mardi 19 à 18h :Présentation et discussion

1.Wandering, drifting, practicing space: the walker as a figure, from Benjamin to The Situationists and De Certeau // Flâner, dériver, pratiquer l’espace : de la figure du marcheur chez Benjamin, les Situationnistes et De Certeau.

 Mercredi 20 à 18h: Présentation et discussion        

        2.Drifting as form, performing a space // La forme-dérive, performer l’espace.


Tue. 19th & Wed.20th

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ONE FACE TOO MANY by Khodor Ellaik

12 artworks, published by Amers Editions.

Original artworks will be exhibited.

We’ll celebrate with Khodor Ellaik and guest musicians playing live for the occasion.

KHODOR ELLAIK has been jumping mediums since he was a toddler. With no solid commitments, he’s settling for music for now.

Thu 21st at 6 p.m.

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LECTURES SY3 Théâtre post-moderne et contemporain

Avec Julien Boutros, Odette Makhlouf et Hiba Najem.

Des textes de:

Harold Pinter, “A Kind of Alaska” (in ENGLISH)
Yasmina Reza, “Bella Figura” (en français)
Lars Noren, “La Nuit mère du jour” (en francais)Harold Pinter, Yasmina Reza et Lars Noren

Vendredi 22 de 17h à 19h30

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PROJECTIONS dans le cadre de DÉRIVES CINÉMATOGRAPHIQUES avec Nour Ouayda (voir plus haut).

3.La forme-dérive, surface et matière // Drifting as form, surface and materiality
Autour du cinéma expérimental montréalais // Around experimental cinema in Montreal

LUNAR ALMANAC – Malena Szlam – 2013 – 4 min – Silent
– Erin Weisgerber – 2014 – 5 min – Sound
– Karl Lemieux – 2007 – 9 min – Sound
– Steven Woloshen – 2013 – 10 min – Sound
– Phillippe Léonard – 2014 – 3 min – Silent
– Alexandre Larose – 2014 – 10 min – Silent

The indicated formats are the orignal formats in which the films where produced.
Due to the technical limitations for this event, the works in this program that are originally screened in film will be presented in digital format.

Vendredi 22 à 20h

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PROJECTION dans le cadre de DÉRIVES CINÉMATOGRAPHIQUES avec Nour Ouayda (voir plus haut).

4.“Écouter l’espace”: le geste filmique de la dérive // Hearing the space or drifting as a cinematic gesture

UN AMOUR D’ÉTÉ [A Summer Love]de Jean-François Lesage (2015, Canada, 1h03)

Dimanche 24 à 20h

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LECTURE ET DISCUSSION dans le cadre de DÉRIVES CINÉMATOGRAPHIQUES avec Nour Ouayda (voir plus haut).

4.“Écouter l’espace”: le geste filmique de la dérive // Hearing the space or drifting as a cinematic gesture.

De l’éblouissement. Autour d’un texte de Térésa Faucon // Glares and blinding lights: discussing a text by Térésa Faucon

Mardi 26 à 18h

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DEUS EX MACHINA – VARIATION 03, by Lynn Kodeih (2016, Lebanon, 6 min. Eng.)

Deus Ex Machina – Variation 03 reflects on the current historical moment: the persistence of life in the aftermath of the violent conflict at the dawn of a new era. The work constructs figurative and abstract associations of love and loss, cycles of life and death, maternalism and nature – as an eminence of a protracted apocalypse, in order to speculate on the future of humanity.

LYNN KODEIH works with text, video, and performance to explore science and fiction, the normalization of violence, and past and present mythologies.

Sun. 24th 5 to 7:30 p.m.,  Tue. 26th 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., Wed. 27th & Thu. 28th 6:30 to 9 p.m. 

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MOVIE SCREENING (in presence of filmmaker Raed Rafei)

74, THE RECONSTITUTION OF A STRUGGLE, directed by Rania Rafei and Raed Rafei, (2012, Lebanon, 1h40min. Arabic, Eng. Subtitles )

1974. Lebanon is in intellectual, cultural and political ferment. Between March and April, for 37 days, a few students from the American University of Beirut occupy the university’s premises to protest against rising tuition fees. 2011: in the midst of the Arab Spring, Rania and Raed Rafei decide to step back and reconsider today’s situation in the light of that period which was pregnant with hope, but also a prelude to civil war.

Produced by Orjouane Production, Jinane Dagher & Sabine Sidawi-Hamdan

RAED RAFEI is an independent filmmaker and writer. He is interested in fiction, reality and things in between. Filmography includes: “Prologue” (2011), “74 -The Reconstitution of a Struggle” (2012), “Salam” (2016), “Here I am … Here you are – Eccomi … Eccoti” (2016)

RANIA RAFEI is a Lebanese filmmaker, “74, the reconstitution of a struggle”, is her first feature.

Tuesday 26th July at 8 p.m. 

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Avec Sara Sehnaoui et Ghalas Charara

Fabriquer les scènes et les plans : écrits et dits de Raoul Coutard, de Bruno Nuytten, de Bernard Marie Koltès, de Marc Augé, et d’autres.

Jeudi 28 de 17h à 19h30

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14 REELS, A SUPER8 DIGITAL SCREENINGAn anthology movie by Massimo Bacigalupo, Astrid Carlen-Helmer, Luca Chinaglia, Tonino De Bernardi, Boris Lehman, Julien Lingelser, Alina Marazzi, Davorin Marc, Roberto Nanni, Chantal Partamian, Jaap Pieters, Joana Preiss, Mirco Santi and Guido Tosi (2016, 51min.)

With live music performance by Sharif Sehnaoui.

14 reels were distributed to 14 directors in 14 cities around the world to celebrate the Super8 50th anniversary. The full movie is shown in each of the cities with live music.

CHANTAL PARTAMIAN is a filmmaker whose work tends to revolve around issues of identity, gender, migration and space. She works a lot with the super 8mm format and explores guerrilla filmmaking and reading film through a gendered lens.

Produced by Barnabil Produzioni. Co-produced by Home Movies – Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia – Six Gates Films – La Camera Ottica – C.R.E.A.

Friday 29th at 7:30 p.m.

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OUT ON THE STREET, directed by Philip Rizk and Jasmina Metwaly (2015, Egypt, 1h12min. Arabic, Eng. Subtitles)

The idea for Out on the Street emerged out of a sense of limitation in making documentaries. It is a film about a group of workers from one of Egypt’s working class neighborhoods, Helwan. On a rooftop studio overlooking the heart of Cairo -presented as a space between fact and fiction- the participants move in and out of character as they shape the performance that engage their daily realities: factory injustice, police brutality, courts that fabricate criminal charges and countless tales of corruption and exploitation by their capitalist employers.

RIZK and J. METWALY “We’ve been working together on short videos since 2011, filming on the streets, in factories, joining marches and sit-ins in cities across Egypt in an attempt not only to document but to propogate the spirit of a wide variety of struggles. (…) With time two things changed in our method of film-making. One, the street changed, with the re-encroachment of the old regime we lost the bit of control of the street that we had gained in the previous years of protesting. Second, and more importantly, the imagination for the emergence of something new was crushed.”

Sat. 30th at 7:30 p.m.

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Three short films by three ephemeral filmmakers and namesakes.

Light Rope Impro, by Oscar Callahan. 3 min. – Super8 – silent – color – 1988

Oscar CALLAHAN was an amateur filmmaker active in Los Angeles in the late 80’s. According to testimonies by people who never met him, he was able to make objects come to life by the sole power of his super8 camera’s imagination. In 1988 he entered an old abandoned military gym to shoot what would become his last, posthumous movie and the only one that has survived to the date, Light Rope Impro. He is believed to have melted in white light in the very second the film roll ended.

Manifiesto Turista, by Jan Oskar Lukas von Kreuzberg. 8 min. – DV Quicktime – sound – color – 2006

Jan Oskar Lukas VON KREUZBERG was a three-headed filmmonster born and perished in Berlin in the lapse of three days in 2006. Each of its three heads is said to have been able to respectively talk and act, see and shoot, hear and edit. During its short life, it engendered a single filmic creature, Manifiesto Turista, a jest on the History as a tourist attraction. After delivery, its three heads were severed from the body and deposited in three different countries, which prevented further regeneration and ensured an end to its existence.

Videocancer, by Oscar Kranc. 8 min. – DV Quicktime – silent – color & b/w – 2010

Oscar KRANC was born between the lines of a poem by Aaron Malakian. He died shortly after birth of an electronic degenerative disease. Videocancer is the clinical report of this self-annihilation process as well as Kranc’s only proof of existence.

Sun. 31st at 8 p.m.


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