at 2 p.m.

Ute Wassermann: vocals

Raed Yassin: composition, cooking

True to its tradition, Irtijal proposes an entirely different and unexpected collaboration, with this duo combining the cooking talents of Raed Yassin, manning kitchen utensils rather than musical instruments, and the vocal acrobatics of vocal artist Ute Wassermann.

raed_yassinYassin graduated from the theatre department at the Institute of Fine Arts in Beirut in 2003. He has exhibited and performed in numerous museums, festivals and venues across Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Japan, and received several awards and prizes, notably the Abraaj Capital Art Prize in 2012. Yassin is one of the organizers of Irtijal Festival, and founded the prominent Annihaya Records label in 2009.

speakeasy_rs269_072_uw_lWassermann studied sound installation and vocal performance as well classical singing. Since 1984 she has developed several multi-voiced vocal techniques, catalogued by register, timbre and articulative sequences which may be deconstructed and/or superimposed and used to explore spatial resonance phenomena. She has given numerous performances of her own solo work and performs regularly with many improvising musicians, in venues ranging from lofts to international festivals (Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires…).

IRTIJAL PROGRAM HERE : http://www.irtijal.org/2016/

irtijal_2016_logoIrtijal has achieved considerable growth during its 15 years of existence, going from a one-day festival in 2001 to 4-6 days since 2003; the number of concerts has grown from 4 to 20, while that of international guest artists from 5 to 30. Over the past 15 years Irtijal has unquestionably inscribed itself as the main annual event for new and innovative music in the Lebanese artistic scene, and is rightly considered as the largest structure of its kind in the Arab world.

For the current edition, the festival presents a dense program that revolves around Germany’s thriving experimental music scene, as seen through the eyes of two of our most notorious Lebanese musical expats: Mazen Kerbaj and Rabih Beaini, both currently residing in Berlin, and who collaborated on the curation of this year’s astoundingly rich edition, from vocal ensemble Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart’s revisiting of Zad Moultaka’s compositions to the alien Asian punk of Indonesian duo Senyawa.

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