The artists and professors of the post-graduate program Document and Contemporary Art, an initiative of the European School of Visual Art, will be passing by Beirut following their inquiry on the function of the document and the archive in contemporary art. Join us at Dawawine to meet the group* and discover their works in an discussion concerning the use of documents, documentation and documentary methods by artists.

*the group is STEPHEN WRIGHT | JOAN AYRTON | HUGO BRÉGEAU | JOÃO VIEIRA TORRES | LOUIS HENDERSON | ANGÉLIQUE BUISSON The talk will also include the screening of three films :

ZONE BLANCHE (WHITE ZONE), Gaëlle Cintré, 2014, 22 mins Four women who are electro-hypersensitive; a rare condition where people find themselves acutely intolerant to electromagnetic fields including cell phone signals and WiFi, are driven deep into the French Alps in search for remote underground shelters. Now struggling to survive on the fringes of society, their lives teeter between a primitive existence in nature and post-apocalyptic science-fiction. Because of their extreme condition, their way of life has never been photographed. Until now. ZONE BLANCHE is a film without electricity. Trailer :

TORÉ, João Vieira Torres, 2015, 15 mins In the presence of the director There is that which I see is shown to me I can’t see I don’t see I was invited to film a ritual. One that can be shown to foreigners. A child of the tribe watchs Disney’s Fantasia on TV. He is interrupts. What the child lives when he dances? What am I able to see from what is shown to me? *Shot in the Xucuru-Kariri, in Alagoas, Brazil

ALL THAT IS SOLID, Louis Henderson, 2014, 15 mins In the presence of the director This is a film that takes place. In between a hard place, a hard drive, and an imaginary, a soft space – the cloud that holds my data. And in the soft grey matter, Contained within the head. As technological progress pushes forward in the overdeveloped world, enormous piles of obsolete computers are thrown away and recycled. Pushed out of sight and sent to the coast of West Africa these computers end up in waste grounds such as Agbogbloshie in Accra, Ghana. On arrival the e-waste is recuperated by young men, who break and burn the plastic casings in order to extract the precious metals contained within. Eventually the metals are sold, melted and reformed into new objects to be sold – it is a strange system of recycling, a kind of reverse neocolonial mining, whereby the African is searching for mineral resources in the materials of Europe. Through showing these heavy processes, the video highlights the importance of dispelling the capitalist myth of the immateriality of new technology to reveal the mineral weight with which the Cloud is grounded to its earthly origins. Trailer :

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